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Squatters Rights Jason Halstead

Squatters Rights

Jason Halstead

Published April 1st 2012
Kindle Edition
63 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Book five in the Vitalis seriesThe accidental colony on Vitalis has grown with each lucky survivor the planet tried to chew up and spit aside. For three years Treetown has offered shelter and solace to the refugees of the beautiful planets merciless life cycle. Survival against nature is no longer enough.A new danger threatens the indentured colonists. The survivors must put aside their differences if they hope to stand a chance against an opponent that will use their very DNA against them.Look for these other Vitalis episodes:Episode 1: New BeginningsEpisode 2: The ColonyEpisode 3: ParasitesEpisode 4: ScreamerEpisode 5: Squatters RightsEpisode 6: EvolutionEpisode 7: MatriarchBook 1: Vitalis Omnibus (episodes 1- 7)Book 2: Vitalis - Resurrection (a full length novel)